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Liability Disclaimer for all Walks and Events
I and my guests agree to hold harmless the Society and its leaders and administrators, from any iability for any loss or damage to property and/or death or bodily injury or illness sustained in the course of the organised walks/activities.  A walk or an event may be changed at the discretion of the Society at any time.

Walks  2016

Members will be required to show their membership card prior to boarding the bus for a walk

Walks Programme 2016

Wednesday 4th May 2016 -  Birzebbuga
Circular Walk : No transport provided.  Meeting time 2.15p.m. Walk starts at 2:30 p.m.

As we approach Birzebbuga on the main road, we park in the car park opposite the Alfresco Restaurant.  Soon after we start our walk we pass the 5000 year old remains of Borg-In-Nadur temple and the impressive 3000 year old Bronze Age defensive wall. We walk up the Has-Saptan valley and soon come to Casa Ippolita - a derelict hunting lodge that was built by a Sicilian nobleman in 1735. Following surfaced narrow roads and tracks through fields we go over the top and down into another valley where we walk in the shade of trees for quite a distance. At the end of the valley we circle back to the derelict hunting lodge and eventually back to our transport

Saturday 7 May Comino Cruise and Walk

Time:                          09.30am. (Meeting and registration)

Departure:                   10.00am.

Return:                        5.30 pm. (approximately)

From:                          SLIEMA Ferry (Luzzu Cruises IN FRONT OF ZARA)

Price:  Adults:               Eur 12.00

Children under 10 yrs.   Eur 06.00

Visit to Santa Marija Tower Euro 1 per person (children free)

Booking up to Wednesday 4 May (all day) online (usual website system)
Or SMS 99268508 (please include your name & membership no.)

Payment will be collected at SLIEMA before boarding the boat but due on booking.

Limited places. Book early. First come first served.

FOR SAFETY REASONS, the Captain of the boat reserves the right to cancel or alter the cruise due to weather conditions.

On Comino you may wish to either relax or join in the Walk. The organised walk on Comino will include a visit to the Santa Marija Tower.  Those who prefer to relax by the sea, have a swim or explore the island independently are welcome to do so.

Please remember to bring a packed lunch and water. We also recommend a wide-brimmed hat and good walking shoes for those who wish to join the walk. As usual we recommend backpacks and definitely no handbags! Sun protection cream is also recommended.

Walk Notes for Comino:

Comino and Cominetto administratively form part of Gozo and are attached to the Local Council of Ghajnsielem.  The highest point on Comino is 75 metres above sea level on the eastern part of the island.  All the bays are to be found along the northern shore.  These are Santa Marija Bay, San Niklaw and the Ghar Ghana inlet.  Comino has an area of approximately 3.5 sq kms(2 x 1.5 km).  The island is mainly composed of upper coralline limestone.

Comino takes its name either from the Cumin crop which was grown widely and exported to Europe, or from the Greek wordkeimenos(close).  The main settlement on Comino is in the area around the tower: Il-Palazz’ (used in the past as a hospital, a quarantine station and now partly used as home by two of the four or so residents of Comino; bird-life and ring birds.  A cemetery, no longer in use, is situated not far from the Santa MarijaTower.  In the past the island was often used as a refuge by corsairs who threatened the crossing between Malta and Gozo.

The Comino Hotel and Bungalows are to be found on the northern coast of Comino.  However the main attraction on Comino is without doubt the Blue Lagoon that attracts so many thousands of visitors to this lovely island.

Our boat will take us to the Blue Lagoon where we walk across the garigue to the Santa Marija Tower, built by Grand Master Wignacourt in 1618.  The architect of the tower was Vittorio Cassar.  There are ruins of an earlier fortification (around 1419) above the present Redoubt (the Gun Battery) which was built in 1715 during the reign of Grand Master Perellos.  This tower, together with Mellieha’s Torri l-Ahmar (RedTower) became part of the ring of warning towers set up around the MalteseIslands by Grand Masters Lascaris and De Redin in the middle of the 17th century.  The idea was to give early warning of approaching raids from the sea and to be able to deploy defensive troops to defeat them.  Both properties have now been given in trust to Din l-Art Helwa who completed their restoration in 2004.

The Tower will be opened for us by Din L-Art Helwa so we can look around inside and to experience the spectacular views from the roof. However, please note that there are several flights of very steep stairs leading to the roof as well as to the ‘lower’ ground floor.

We then walk along a footpath towards the Santa Marija Gun Battery, a redoubt on the eastern part of the island, facing Malta.  This was built between 1714 and 1716 to catch enemy vessels attempting to disembark troops on to the shore of the island.  

We follow a rough track uphill alongside the old pig farm just above the Redoubt towards the semi-derelict houses now used by Nature Trust Malta and then proceed to the Chapel and Santa Marija Bay where we stop for lunch and a swim (weather permitting).  There is a possibility for some walkers to continue along the coastline, but this is on a rather trough terrain.

We continue our walk back to the Blue Lagoon for our return journey to Sliema.  WE SHALL ALSO VISIT SOME CAVES ON THE WAY BACK.

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