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The Malta Geographical Society
Founded 1943
Chairman’s Address

Annual General Meeting 5 March 2020

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to our Annual General Meeting.

This is my fourth and last report as Chairman of the Malta Geographical Society.  This year has again been a very successful one for the Society with special thanks to your Committee.
The following members were on the Committee during 2019:
Christopher Morley:                  Chairman
Timmy Zammit:                          Vice Chairman
Anna Dalli:                                Honorary Secretary
Neil Taylor:                                 Treasurer
Maura Marlow:                         Membership Coordinator
Mario Farrugia:                           Walks Organiser
Evelna Albanozzo                    Social Events Coordinator
Paul Debono                              Social Events Coordinator and Walk Leader

The Committee held six meetings besides the continuous contacts electronically.  The Committee meets at the British Legion in Valletta.

All members attended regularly, and each gave his or her service with the utmost output. I wish to thank everyone for their service and dedication. One cannot underestimate the huge workload involved. I am pleased to inform you that all members sitting on the current committee have agreed to remain on the committee.  We also have two new nominees: Richard Davies and Mary Mangion. Both nominees have been on the Committee previously.

This year the Society published eleven Newsletters including one in the summer months. The issues are being sent electronically only to all our members.

It is very important for members to give us an active e-mail address, and to inform us when they change their e-mail address. If you do not receive the Newsletter by the end of each month (except for the summer months), please inform us.

The Committee would like to thank Mr. Richard Davies who up to December was our Newsletter Editor for his continued support and dedication.  Our new Newsletter Editor is Neil Taylor who is also our Treasurer.

Facebook Page

The facebook page is very popular and photos and information are being uploaded regularly. Special thanks go to our member Antoine Attard who takes care of this page and to all those members who upload their photos.


We continued with our system of organising three walks monthly, two of which are circular, while the third one is non-circular, with transport provided from Floriana and back. In all, during the year under review (March 2019 to February 2020), we organised 30 walks, including three  Calabria walking tours, one trekking tour to Puglia and one walk in Gozo.
We had a satisfactory attendance of about 1766 walkers during these walks, fluctuating in numbers depending on the weather conditions

As usual during the summer months, we organised the four monthly evening walks which also were well attended.

As usual, our walking programme for this current year was again co-ordinated by Timmy Zammit and Mario Farrugia who keep the record of all walks and the statistics of the people attending.  It is the Society’s custom to scout all walks a week or so before the actual walk!  Our thanks go to Mario Farrugia who leads, together with our small team of walk leaders, namely Helga Camilleri, Maura Marlow, Paul Debono, Josephine Zammit, Eva Albanozzo and Frans Attard.

This year we are organising a walking tour in Wales organised for us by Go Sicily tours. In October we shall also be offering the trekking tour in Puglia.

Comino Walk

This walk was organised on 9th March and it was very well attended.  We shall be offering this walk every two years.
Social and Cultural Events

In 2019 we organized three social events. A Fenkata Night at the Koperattiva Mgarr where 75 persons attended. The BBQ in July at the Razzett L-Antik with 82 persons attending.  90 persons attended the Christmas dinner at the Regatta Restaurant in the Waterfront hotel. The BBQ and the Christmas Dinner were subsidized by the Society..

The membership of our Society is still relatively high, at the same level of the past years. Maura Marlow keeps our membership register as well as collecting subscriptions, a demanding job which she is doing well. I am happy to report that once again there will be no increase in Membership subscription this year.


The webpage is being handled by our Secretary. Information about our walks and events are also being advertised on the webpage.


I would like to thank all Committee members and walk leaders for their continuous support.
The entire Committee worked hard to co-ordinate the various and continuous work involved. I would like to highlight the importance of helpers, particularly walk leaders as we would like this list to be longer.   Above all I wish to thank you, our members, for giving us support, keeping in mind that we all belong to the best and oldest walking Society in Malta. We will be starting another year with a new Committee, hoping to keep the momentum that we had been manoeuvring through the last year.

With regret, I have decided to relinquish my post as Chairman. I have been on the Committee for 11 years, including several years as Treasurer before becoming Chairman. Now its time for a change, and I wish my successor good luck to steer us to an even better Society.
I commend this, my Chairman’s report for 2019, to the AGM.

Christopher Morley
Chairman, Malta Geographical Society
5 March  2020

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